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The workshop, hosted by the University of Cyprus, will take place at the main/assembly hall  (Main Campus pdf, large view), at the  Main Campus of the University (area map, large view).  

Map of Nicosia
Restaurants in Nicosia

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The University of Cyprus is about 45 kilometres from Larnaca International Airport, with direct flights from many European capitals. You may check out Cyprus Airways.  Transportation from Larnaca International Airport by taxi costs about CYŁ20 plus 15% VAT and each taxi can take up to 4 persons.   You may contact the taxi company VIPS Aristos +357-99-686222 for transportation.

Transportation by taxi within Nicosia costs about CYŁ4 and each taxi can take up to 4 persons. You may use VIPS Aristos taxi company also for transportation within Nicosia.

Rental cars: From AVIS 24643120 (Larnaca) or 22713333 ( Nicosia ). Price: from CYŁ15.

1 CY pound ~1.7 Euros ~US$ 2.2 (for the exact daily rate see

Travel Information to other conferences

For participants who are planning to attemp other conferences immediately after our workshop e.g. the 6th European Research conference "Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei" (EINN 2005) 21 -24 September 2005 in Milos or the Galileo Galilei Institute inaugural conference in Florence please contact the travel Agency:

Tel: 00357 22 375537
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