Our field of research is Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the fundamental theory of strong interactions, which bind quarks to form protons and neutrons, the basic constituents of nuclei in atoms. Although QCD has  been known for 30 years we are still very far from a complete solution of the theory.

QCD is different from all known fundamental theories in that it is a confining theory, i.e. it forbids break-up of hadrons into their constituent quarks. This property poses fundamental difficulties in applying to QCD the classical analytical methods of Quantum Field Theory which were very successful in solving Quantum Electrodynamics.

The best method, at present, to evaluate hadronic observables is using  the discrete version of QCD known as Lattice QCD proposed by K. Wilson in 1974.

Such calculations can only be carried out by numerical simulation and  usually require the fastest  and biggest supercomputers. Our research focuses on several aspect of Lattice QCD. In this research we are collaborating with other Institutes
both in Europe and in the US.











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